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For your health
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  • Inexhaustible

    Amyko® is connected to an unlimited and completely free private archive. You will finally keep all your medical history in one place and access it from everywhere. If necessary, this will shorten the time of identification and contact with family members by about 70%. A digital health passport, you do not even have to worry about renewal.

  • Immediate action

    Amyko is Provided with the NFC technology and, therefore, it does not emit any harmful waves while or not wearing it. This grants an easy access and exchange of information by simply tapping a smartphone/tablet onto the bracelet.

  • Modular

    You can add or remove as many bracelet jerseys as you wish: Amyko is modular and it can be adapted to adults as well as children’s wrists. Its rubber is thermoplastic and hypoallergenic certified and it is available in different colors. It is safety that adapts to your needs and style.

  • Safe

    A simple and brilliant technology entirely passive: the bracelet never loses power because it does not need batteries and it allows you to carry your medical history always with you, accessing to it easily in case of need. Only you can decide to whom you will share your information with: it is a medical passport in digital form that respects your privacy.

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  • Children

    Amyko® reduces by 70% the timing for getting in contact with relatives and family members.

  • Elderly people

    Amyko® defeats the risk of forgetting the time to take a medication

  • Travelers

    Amyko® is your digital “healthcare passport”, the 2.0 version of the old traveling medal-health

  • Safety on the workplace

    Amyko® allows you to intervene in a better and faster way in case of emergency

Our app

Creating and managing your Amyko® account/profile is fast and easy, simply via smartphone and/or from the web. You can download the app for free directly from your store.

iOS: Discover the Amyko® web app and how to install it on your Apple device.
Android: the app to manage Amyko® from your Android smartphone is already available.

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How does it work

It is only necessary to approach the bracelet to the smartphone in order to consult the archive or to forward the sms with your position to the chosen contacts. For your memory there is now a reminder that keeps you from forgetting to take any medicine.

Self Help

If you are alone in a dangerous situation, you will only need to tap your bracelet to your NFC smartphone. An sms with a help request, together with your geo-localized position, will be automatically sent to the indicated numbers.

*Only available with Amyko + bracelet

Medical Reminder

It allows you to set a combined reminders to advise you for the exact moment a certain medicine must be taken by you or by a member of your family. A notification will be sent to the chosen numbers in order to grant a faster and double-checked control.

Direct Call

If you own a NFC tablet/smartphone, it will only be necessary to tap onto the bracelet to call one of your indicated saved numbers. Otherwise, you will only need to call the contact centre active 24/7 in Italy, and communicate the green number stamped underneath the cover to forward the call.

**Only available with Amyko + bracelet

What our customers say about us


“Is no longer needed to write mom and dad’s telephone number on our kids arms: whether they’re at school, abroad traveling, at the Luna Park…”


“We wear Amyko in our construction site since a long time, and we believe that is a precious help for our job security.”


“Sometimes I choose to travel alone, and people ask me if I am afraid of it. My answer is no, I continue to travel alone, but I always carry with me my Amyko! :)”


“I bought Amyko for me and my family: hiking in the mountains will now be safer. And you, what are you waiting for?”

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