Innovation, Made in Italy and focus on ethics

Our three points to create a new standard of an agile day-to-day assistance.

Who we are


WeCare® proposes high quality products based on technological innovation and respect of the Made in Italy standards. We propose a product/service capable of simplifying the standards of security, making them agile and immediately accessible everywhere. Through a bracelet with passive technology, we aim to create a new connection between people and institutions which operate in the health sector. We offer serenity to people, spreading a new medical culture based on prevention, awareness and self care.


We spread a new standard of safety, using innovative technologies to serve the people. Three words distinguish us: safety, privacy, agility. Amyko® aims to be the first collector of medical information that could get the client in touch with the health stakeholders. Throughout sustainable activity and continuous commitment to research and development, we demonstrate how Made in Italy is still capable of innovating. The focus on people, CSR, environment and financial sustainability in an ethical way, are the foundation of our way of doing business.


The main focus of our strategy are: Made in Italy and a strong inclination to the Csr. In fact, we are convinced that health and safety cannot be substituted by anything than a strong ethical inclination and a great respect of production standards of our country. We continue to develop our products and services in order to become a strategic element that supports our health: from prevention to reduction of healthcare costs, up to the creation of a unique standard for monitoring the indicators. This will allow all of us to obtain a constantly updated database of the healthcare system.

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The team in Milan's office

  • Bonora

    Marcello Bonora



    EMBA, SMU (Sing), Warthon (US), ISB (India), Peking Univ (Chine). MBA, SAA Torino Univ. 20+ Experience in international management.

  • Scorza

    Filippo Scorza



    Biomedical engineer and industrial designer Master in Growth Hacking @Innovation school 10+ Years of project management experience

  • Zanini

    Riccardo Zanini



    Pacle - Company Examiner Serial Entrepreneur,, 20+ Years of business management experience

  • Bosio

    Edoardo Bosio




  • Marta

    Martha Pulina

    Social Media Manager & Web content editor



  • Ricci Gori

    Martina Ricci Gori

    Public Relations Manager



  • Guerceri

    Gabriele Guerceri

    Costumer Care



  • Ruscetta

    Claudia Ruscetta

    Senior Analyst



  • Cecere

    Giovanni Cecere

    Business analyst


  • Corradi


    Software Development


  • Canesi

    Parvathy C Bhojan

    Web Graphics


  • Pietro

    Anna di Pietro

    International Lawyer


  • Feroldi

    Luca Feroldi

    Legal Lawyer



Think for Women's Health

Amyko®, Collector of all medical data

fTo promote the emergence of innovative ideas and projects that serve the culture of prevention in the scientific, technological, institutional and socio-economic fields.

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Progetto TeleHelp

The project "Mai più soli” Entering schools with Amyko®

The TeleHelp Project is experimental, born of the partnership between the association Donne in Movimento, Croce Rossa Civitavecchia and ASL Roma4.

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Progetto Piccoli Cuori

A new Amyko® For little hearts Onlus

Pilot project to reduce emergency response times for children with congenital heart disease and their families, providing targeted assistance focused on the specific needs of care.

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