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Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Amyko® and how it works? Consult our F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions), you can easily find the answers to your questions

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  • Bracelet
  • Privacy
  • Are Amyko tools a paid service?

    By buying an Amyko, you will have included the Direct Call and Self Help services (please, be aware that at the moment they are available only in Italy): the shown price is considered a bundle with those services included for the first 12 months. At the expiring of the first year, you will be able to decide whether or not to renew them, accordingly to your needs: you can buy the renewal directly from our e-commerce for € 5,90. The storage of your medical data on our servers is included in the price and is free forever.

  • Will I get a notification when my services are close to expire? Is the renewal of services mandatory?

    An email will be notifying you when the services will be about to expire. At that point, you can decide whether to renew them or not. You can purchase the renewal directly from our e-commerce at € 5,90

  • If I buy Amyko, am I required to subscribe anywhere?

    The purchase of Amyko does not imply any subscription, likewise the use of the App. The paid tools – after the first 12 months – are only those related to Direct Call and Self Help

  • What is the difference between the services offered by the app and those offered by the bracelet?

    With the Amyko app you can memorize every data of your archive, but you cannot use the emergency sharing services, which can only be managed from the bracelet

  • Based on which privacy law are my personal data treated?

    Based on the Italian D.Lgs 196/2003 (which is actually one of the strictest in EU). Amyko has obtained the certification from the Italian privacy guarantor. The NFC technology is the only one capable of giving the chance to control and access different data set, uploaded in the Amyko platform. In this way, your private and sensitive data can be only seen by the authorized contacts, while your public data will be normally accessible to your relatives and next of kin, in case of emergency.

  • I do not have an NFC smartphone, what can I use Amyko for?

    If your smartphone does not have a NFC system, you can use it, without any limitation, regarding the creation and storage of your medical profile. It must be taken into account that the Self Help tool requires, compulsory, the NFC reader and the Amyko App already installed, otherwise it will not work.

  • Is the bracelet waterproof?

    The Amyko bracelet is realised in certified surgical silicone, hypoallergenic and totally water resistant up to 10 meters of depth.

  • Does Amyko need to be powered by battery?

    The bracelet does not necessitate of any kind of supply or electric recharge system because the NFC technology is fully passive.

  • Which bracelet size should I have to choose?

    The bracelet is sold with a modular strap size M: by deleting or adding some parts to the strap, the user can create the most suitable size to fit perfectly your wrist

  • Does it also work without data connection and network coverage?

    Accessing data of your account linked to your bracelet needs a data connection and, therefore, it cannot operate without network coverage. The data are not stored in the bracelet itself, those are requirements that are aligned with the privacy act (think about you lose the bracelet for instance? the bracelet is one of the keys of access)

  • Does Amyko work outside Italy?

    Amyko works everywhere: you can visualize your data, using a NFC reader in any part of the world. In order to ease the recognition from rescue teams, we provide a strap that has designed the international red cross symbol.

  • Why do not you allow the login through Google or Facebook?

    The Italian regulation, regarding the privacy and digital identity, forbids to create an account through “alias” and “parallel” because your medical data and your first aid information are catalogued as highly sensible data from the d.lgs 196 and we do not want any third parties (not fully authorized by the account owner) could be able to access and see that peculiar category of sensitive data.

  • Who can read the data saved on the cloud?

    You can choose which data you want to make private and with whom share them with: you only have to add the telephone number of the person you would like to authorize in order to let him/her view all the information previously registered as private.

  • How many devices can I abilitate to read my data?

    You are free to choose as many devices as you wish as well as which users are authorized to read your first aid data.

  • Can I create a profile for a child that does not possess a mobile phone number allocated?

    You can add a new profile with your number, through your account settings (or of the person in charge of managing the profile) to a new user that does not own a mobile phone personally allocated (normally kids). This way the profile can be managed either by the account creator, and by the owner or, eventually, by a third previously authorized person.

  • How can a rescuer know about the Amyko device?

    In the packaging, we have inserted a card containing first information on the use of Amyko; we recommend you to store the info card in your wallet, together with your ID card. Furthermore, you will find two straps that have the Red Cross symbol, internationally recognizable, and the NFC system logo that will make the device identified as first aid tool.

  • How the public data are visualised by a rescuer?

    By scanning the bracelet, the smartphone shows a screen for digiting the device unique code: this code is printed underneath the cover of the bracelet. By entering that code in the screen space, and after the user recognition, it will appear identification data of the owner, family contacts and the first aid information (this case the rescuer is not allowed to view the private data). In case the rescuer’s phone number is recognized as certified from the phone owner, then also the private data will be available.

  • For instance, if I am at the cinema, anybody that is sitting next to me can check my data our?

    No. When scanning/tapping on the bracelet, you will be also required to add the unique code printed underneath the bracelet cover.

  • Where do all my sensible data get memorized/stored?

    All the data are stored and managed in Italy (we have a physical owned server only allocated to that) , according to the personal data treatment act, specifically respecting the art.13 del D. Lgs. 196/2003 (30.06.2003).

  • Who manages your data?

    All your data will be only managed by WeCare® srl, registered office is in via Terralba, 114 - Arenzano (GE) - Italy

  • How can I enable another phone to my data reading?

    You can do that by entering in your personal area through login and digiting the phone number that you want to enable to data reading.

  • What happens to my data, if I lose the bracelet?

    You can simply disable the profile, linked to the bracelet, through the control panel in your personal area: your data will not be no longer associated to your lost bracelet. You can connect your data to a new one.

  • What happens if my bracelet is worn by someone else?

    In order to avoid this chance, we recommend you to fill your profile form with all the registration data required, including your personal picture so the bracelet user can be clearly distinguished.

  • Can my data be permanently deleted from the cloud?

    Of course, at any given time you wish, you can delete your account and the related profiles associated with it.

  • Can I update my data in cloud?

    You can update your data at any moment by simply logging into your private area on your mobile or via desktop

  • What is the difference between account and profile?

    We have decided to give a chance to a unique Client (account) to manage more bracelets (Profiles) so that more profiles can be created within the family, and more bracelets can be updated from a unique account.

  • How many profiles can be linked to a phone number? By linking more than one profile do I encounter extra costs?

    You can link different profiles to your number by keeping only one account without variations of any kind on costs.

  • Does the iPhone Have the NFC?

    Yes, from model 6 onwards, NFC is present in smartphones but still limited to Apple Pay, as Apple's latest statement, will soon be open for external applications and also for Amyko. The Amyko App to manage your entire medical history is still usable by iPhone by downloading it from AppStore

  • What are the phones that have NFC?

    Most Android phones, we recommend that you visit this link where you can find the complete list Click here

  • How does the NFC technology work?

    NFC is the acronym of Near Field Communication. It is a technology that provides wireless connection double-directional that works in a short radius (up to 10 cm, depending on the power of the reader)

  • How can I enable my NFC reader of my smartphone?

    You have to access to your smartphone’s settings: normally, you can find the NFC enabling panel in the connectivity section.

  • What happens if I do not possess a smartphone with the NFC reader?

    We have implemented the Direct Call service: underneath the bracelet cover, there is a printed code and a phone number that you can call in case of emergency. By calling that number and entering the bracelet’s code, a re-directed call to a member of the family will immediately be forwarded. This way, the rescuer can directly get in contact with a member of the family/next of kin, you previously shared the data with.

  • Why don’t you use the Qrcode technology?

    The Qrcode does not protect your privacy and sensible data. The Italian Privacy Law, regarding those data management, is very strict and we must respect all the standards in order to protect our clients and ourselves as a company. Using that technology, it does not exist the chance to discover who has seen your personal data. On the contrary, Amyko exploits the NFC technology installed on your smartphone that allows you to get notifications about your telephone number, date and time of who scanned your bracelet. All of these aspects are explicitly required by Law and from the guarantor privacy (a log of any activities/events is recorded and must be kept).

  • Why is the profile picture mandatory?

    The upload of the photograph/picture is a mandatory requirement in order to recognise in a unique way the user of Amyko in case of emergency and rescue (to avoid that fact someone else would be wearing yours).

  • Why cannot I scan properly the bracelet?

    First of all, you have to verify whether or not your phone has the NFC system. if so, try to move your phone above the bracelet, until you hear a notification sound. Sometimes the smartphone covers are too thick and do not allow the recognition of the signal by the NFC device: try to remove the cover and do another scan. If you want to know more, you can watch the following VIDEO

  • Why every time I scan the bracelet, it is requested to enter the code printed under its cover?

    That is because of the privacy: imagine an attacker/stalker that, at the park, approaches the smartphone of your kid’s bracelet.. Or at the cinema, the person sitting next to you. Without an extra required step, anybody could access and view your data with a simple gesture that you might not even realise. That could happen with the Qrcode.

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